ACS Publications Division Permissions

Overview of Permissions and RightsLink

The American Chemical Society (ACS) offers the RightsLink service to meet most of your licensing needs for material published by the ACS Publications Division. See the specific instructions in the box at right for each type of material. Note that re-use of ACS AuthorChoice Open Access content by authors and others will be governed by the terms of the relevant public use license (such as CC BY).

Before requesting permission for the use of any material, check to be sure the image is not credited to a source other than ACS. The credit may be given in the figure/table/chart caption or in the reference section. ACS cannot grant permission for material for which it does not own copyright.

RightsLink cannot be used for repository requests. Send requests to the journal editorial office.

If you receive an error message when making your RightsLink request, see Solutions for RightsLink Errors.

Items for Which ACS Does Not Grant Permission

Note that ACS does not grant permission for these materials or provide the following:

  • Posting of ACS articles/chapters on Web sites or in online publications.
  • Granting permission to third parties. Ask your client to request permission and provide them with the requirements on this page.
  • We cannot provide high-resolution files for images. If permission is granted, please contact the author for the image.
  • The use of ACS figures/tables/charts to be included in the same or another ACS journal does not require ACS permission.
  • Individual schemes and structures are free of charge and do not require a license.
  • PDFs of articles or e-mailing of articles.