Self-Template Synthesis of a MnCeOδ/Co3O4 Polyhedral Nanocage Catalyst for Toluene Oxidation

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Publication Date (Web):August 12, 2019
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Herein, a novel nanocage catalyst of a porous MnCeOδ/Co3O4-NC polyhedral derived from a Co-based zeolitic imidazolate framework (ZIF-67) was synthesized and its catalytic performance for toluene oxidation was evaluated. This composite of the MnCeOδ/Co3O4-NC catalyst presents a high toluene conversion of 95% at 230 °C with a weight hourly space velocity of 40 000 mL g–1 h–1. In addition, the reaction rate based on the catalyst surface area of the MnCeOδ/Co3O4-NC catalyst was 3.138 × 10–2 mmol m–2 h–1. Meanwhile, the MnCeOδ/Co3O4-NC catalyst also shows a lower apparent activation energy of the reaction (Ea) of 56.10 kJ mol–1. According to the characterization results, the specific surface area, the interaction between MnCeOδ solid solution and Co3O4-NC, the low-temperature reducibility, and the concentration of surface active oxygen confinement that originates from MnCeOδ/Co3O4-NC proves that this catalyst has superior activity for toluene oxidation.

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  • Highlights of the article; the detailed characterization procedures and TG–DSC curve of the ZIF-67 crystal material; Raman spectra of the Co3O4 bulk, Co3O4-NC, and MnCeOδ/Co3O4-NC (PDF)

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