Synergy between Fe and Promoter Ions Supported on Nanoceria Influences NOx Reduction Catalysis

Cite this: ACS Appl. Nano Mater. 2019, 2, 12, 7593–7603
Publication Date (Web):November 19, 2019
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Fe and Fe–O dispersed on nanoscale CeO supports are considered promising catalysts for oxidation and reduction catalysis and regarded as one of the better alternatives to precious metal catalysts for NO reduction. To understand the role of Fe ions, promoters, and factors that control the NOx reduction, we probed the local environments of Fe, Ce, and O using a range of spectroscopies. The order of Na promotion (sequential vs simultaneous) resulted in a significant difference in the catalytic activity by changing the local electronic structure around the Fe ions in reaction the conditions. The Ce M4,5- and O K-edge X-ray spectroscopy results suggest stabilization of the 4f, eg orbitals, where Fe and promotor ions are affecting the t2g orbitals. Optimizing this bonding environment around the Fe active species with a promoter ion enables tuning of the NO reduction activity.

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  • XRD refinement values (crystallite size and lattice constant), inductively coupled plasma spectroscopy numbers, BET analysis numbers, HAADF images, Raman spectra, Na K-edge XAS, Mössbauer spectra, and high-temperature Mössbauer spectra in vacuum and NO gas, and their respective fits (PDF)

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