Human-Hair-Derived N, S-Doped Porous Carbon: An Enrichment and Degradation System for Wastewater Remediation in the Presence of Peroxymonosulfate

  • Wenjie Ma
    Wenjie Ma
    MIIT Key Laboratory of Critical Materials Technology for New Energy Conversion and Storage, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology, No. 92 West Dazhi Street, Harbin 150001, China
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  • Na Wang
    Na Wang
    MIIT Key Laboratory of Critical Materials Technology for New Energy Conversion and Storage, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology, No. 92 West Dazhi Street, Harbin 150001, China
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  • Yunchen Du*
    Yunchen Du
    MIIT Key Laboratory of Critical Materials Technology for New Energy Conversion and Storage, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology, No. 92 West Dazhi Street, Harbin 150001, China
    *E-mail: [email protected] (Y. Du). Tel: +86-(451)-86418750. Fax: +86-(451)-86413702.
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  • Ping Xu
    Ping Xu
    MIIT Key Laboratory of Critical Materials Technology for New Energy Conversion and Storage, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology, No. 92 West Dazhi Street, Harbin 150001, China
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  • Bojing Sun
    Bojing Sun
    MIIT Key Laboratory of Critical Materials Technology for New Energy Conversion and Storage, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology, No. 92 West Dazhi Street, Harbin 150001, China
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  • Leijiang Zhang
    Leijiang Zhang
    MIIT Key Laboratory of Critical Materials Technology for New Energy Conversion and Storage, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology, No. 92 West Dazhi Street, Harbin 150001, China
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  • Kun-Yi Andrew Lin
    Kun-Yi Andrew Lin
    Department of Environmental Engineering, National Chung Hsing University, No. 250 Kuo-Kuang Road, Taichung 402, Taiwan
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Biomass is a promising raw material for synthesizing heteroatom-doped carbon due to its cheap cost and easy availability. Herein, we fabricate nitrogen and sulfur codoped carbon (NSC) with extremely high specific surface areas (BET surface areas of 3015 m2/g) by employing human hair as the precursor. The graphitization degree, N/S doping content, and pore structures of NSC can be easily modulated by the heat treatment conditions. Besides, NSC obtained at 800 °C (NSC-800) even outperforms most traditional metal-based catalysts under the same conditions for BPA degradation. Influences of various operating parameters (NSC, Oxone, and BPA concentration) and the inorganic salts/humic acid (HA) on BPA degradation are comprehensively studied. Furthermore, quenching experiments and electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) measurements prove that 1O2 should be the main active species generated from PMS activation, and the contribution of •OH/SO4•– is very limited. This work is expected to arouse more interests about biomass-derived carbon for PMS activation and environmental remediation.

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  • Chemical reagents and materials (Section 1); characterization (Section 2); XRD patterns of NSC-700, NSC-800, and NSC-900 (Figure S1); SEM images of NSC-700 and NSC-900 (Figure S2); TEM images of NSC-700 and NSC-900 (Figure S3); adsorption isotherm fitting results of NSC-X with two adsorption models (Figure S4); FTIR spectra of NSC-800 after adsorption and after reaction (Figure S5); XRD patterns of commercial Fe3O4, commercial MnO2, homemade CuO, and homemade Co3O4 (Figure S6); degradation of BPA by some metal oxides and N-doped carbon (Figure S7); degradation of BPA, phenol, TC, and MB by NSC-800/PMS (Figure S8); adsorption isotherm models fitting results of NSC-X (Table S1); comparison of BPA degradation by some reported materials (Table S2) (PDF)

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