Nucleation, Growth, and Repair of a Cobalt-Based Oxygen Evolving Catalyst

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Department of Chemistry, 6-335, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139-4307, United States
Cite this: J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2012, 134, 14, 6326–6336
Publication Date (Web):March 6, 2012
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The mechanism of nucleation, steady-state growth, and repair is investigated for an oxygen evolving catalyst prepared by electrodeposition from Co2+ solutions in weakly basic electrolytes (Co-OEC). Potential step chronoamperometry and atomic force microscopy reveal that nucleation of Co-OEC is progressive and reaches a saturation surface coverage of ca. 70% on highly oriented pyrolytic graphite substrates. Steady-state electrodeposition of Co-OEC exhibits a Tafel slope approximately equal to 2.3 × RT/F. The electrochemical rate law exhibits a first order dependence on Co2+ and inverse orders on proton (third order) and proton acceptor, methylphosphonate (first order for 1.8 mM ≤ [MePi] ≤ 18 mM and second order dependence for 32 mM ≤ [MePi] ≤ 180 mM). These electrokinetic studies, combined with recent XAS studies of catalyst structure, suggest a mechanism for steady state growth at intermediate MePi concentration (1.8–18 mM) involving a rapid solution equilibrium between aquo Co(II) and Co(III) hydroxo species accompanied with a rapid surface equilibrium involving electrolyte dissociation and deprotonation of surface bound water. These equilibria are followed by a chemical rate-limiting step for incorporation of Co(III) into the growing cobaltate clusters comprising Co-OEC. At higher concentrations of MePi ([MePi] ≥ 32 mM), MePO32– equilibrium binding to Co(II) in solution is suggested by the kinetic data. Consistent with the disparate pH profiles for oxygen evolution electrocatalysis and catalyst formation, NMR-based quantification of catalyst dissolution as a function of pH demonstrates functional stability and repair at pH values >6 whereas catalyst corrosion prevails at lower pH values. These kinetic insights provide a basis for developing and operating functional water oxidation (photo)anodes under benign pH conditions.

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