Excitonic fine structure splitting in quantum dots is closely related to the lateral shape of the wave functions. We have studied theoretically the fine structure splitting in InAs quantum dots with a type-II confinement imposed by a GaAsSb capping layer. We show that very small values of the fine structure splitting comparable with the natural linewidth of the excitonic transitions are achievable for realistic quantum dots despite the structural elongation and the piezoelectric field. For example, varying the capping layer thickness allows for a fine tuning of the splitting energy. The effect is explained by a strong sensitivity of the hole wave function to the quantum dot structure and a mutual compensation of the electron and hole anisotropies. The oscillator strength of the excitonic transitions in the studied quantum dots is comparable to those with a type-I confinement which makes the dots attractive for quantum communication technology as emitters of polarization-entangled photon pairs.

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  • Received 30 April 2015
  • Revised 9 September 2015


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