Perovskite Oxides: Preparation, Characterizations, and Applications in Heterogeneous Catalysis

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Publication Date (Web):July 17, 2014
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Perovskite oxides with formula ABO3 or A2BO4 are a very important class of functional materials that exhibit a range of stoichiometries and crystal structures. Because of the structural features, they could accommodate around 90% of the metallic natural elements of the Periodic Table that stand solely or partially at the A and/or B positions without destroying the matrix structure, offering a way of correlating solid state chemistry to catalytic properties. Moreover, their high thermal and hydrothermal stability enable them suitable catalytic materials either for gas or solid reactions carried out at high temperatures, or liquid reactions carried out at low temperatures. In this review, we addressed the preparation, characterization, and application of perovskite oxides in heterogeneous catalysis. Preparation is an important issue in catalysis by which materials with desired textural structure and physicochemical property could be achieved; characterization is the way to explore and understand the textural structures and physicochemical properties of the material; however, application reflects how and where the material could be used and what it can solve in practice, which is the ultimate goal of catalysis. This review is organized in five sections: (1) a brief introduction to perovskite oxides, (2) preparation of perovskite oxides with different textural structures and surface morphologies, (3) general characterizations applied to perovskite oxides, (4) application of perovskite oxides in heterogeneous catalysis, and (5) conclusions and perspectives. We expected that the overview on these achievements could lead to research on the nature of catalytic performances of perovskite oxides and finally commercialization of them for industrial use.

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