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Figure 4

Effect of (a) MeOH and (b) NOM on the rate of 4-CP degradation by PMS activated on TNTs except for bare TNT. (c) EPR spectra obtained in the aqueous BMPO and PMS with TNTs. (d) Schematic illustrations for radical pathway on Co-Black TNT (left) and nonradical pathway on Black TNT (right) for 4-CP degradation. (c) EPR spectra obtained the aqueous BMPO and PMS with TNTs (1 min after PMS activation). [4-CP]0 = 100 μM (for a); [MeOH]0 = 100 mM (for a); [NOM]0 = 10 ppm (for b); [BMPO]0 = 0.15 mM (for c); [PMS]0 = 1 mM; [phosphate buffer]0 = 3 vol %; pHi = 7.0).

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